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Project Description

SSISCipherBoy.exe (and SSISCipheUtil.dll) - WinForms app to help encrypt/decrypt values in an xml configuration file used by SSIS packages.

Let go of your worries about plain text values present in SSIS xml configuration files; let go of your pains about writing a script task to encrypt/decrypt xml configuration values. SSISCipherBoy may help satisfy you.

Watch a how to use video at

Features -

  • * Encrypt your sensitive configuration values at a few clicks
  • * Make your packages ready to decrypt values at run time at a few clicks
  • * No installater needed. SSISCipherBoy.exe deploys SSISCipherUtil.dll to the GAC automatically on first run
  • * Once a package is set up to decrypt information, you can choose/mix/change the encryption algorithms between RSA and DPAPI
  • * RSA uses the machine wide key store to store the cryptographic key

Download the latest redistributable package from the Downloads tab.

Contributors are welcome - Please contact me at

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